We produce natural and additive-free extracts from meat and seafood products.
Natural taste
At Carnad, we love to produce a natural product. Our intention is not to waste any part of the animal, but instead use leftovers, thus minimizing food waste.
Carnad extracts are clean label substitutes for MSG and yeast extract
The content of free amino-acids in Carnad extracts and powders respond with all flavor additives and create more taste complexity and more balanced flavor profile.
Replace or reduce the need of complex recipes and boost the flavor of each ingredient to better performance.

Carnad Umami Flavour
Umami Flavour
Improve the sensory performance of juiciness, mouthfeel, aftertaste and harmony.
Have KOKUMI reactions which enhance the intensity of salty and sweet notes.

Carnad products are 100% pure natual meat protein
100% muscle meat protein
Carnad is 100 % pure natural muscle meat protein, - without any proteins from tissue/collagen or bones. Add more natural savory notes of meat.
Carnad Clean Label
Clean label
Substitute for MSG, yeast extract, aroma and salt.
Provide a new context that leave no need for artificial flavors.
Amino-acid profile identical to original raw material.


We produce natural and additive-free extracts from meat and seafood products.
Our state-of-the-art-process leads to ingredients with complex functions.

Our goal is to provide the food industry with natural strong flavour enhancers in liquids and powders with high UMAMI and REACTION FLAVOUR energy.

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From the 1th of march 2017 Carnad A/S has been certified by Bureau Veritas to hold a FSSC 22000 certification.
Please use the FSSC 22000-linkbelow

Carnad umami performance

The benefit when Carnad extract or powder are added, is good mouthfeel and improved balance between all ingredients, which give more powerfull / rich taste profile.
Can substitute MSG and yeast extracts.

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