About Carnad

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We, at Carnad, are focused on providing ‘clean label’ Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancers that are solely based on natural meat and seafood commodities. These Natural Taste Enhancers are intended to replace artificial flavor enhancers in the global food industry.


We have high ambitions here at Carnad. We have already invested in state-of-the-art production facilities that can provide Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancers of the highest quality. This makes it possible to accommodate a food industry that struggles to live up to consumer demands for clean, natural food.

We are experiencing a growing attention towards using Natural Taste Enhancers in food products. When this demand becomes even bigger, we at Carnad are ready to invest even more in the expansion of our production. We see a huge market for clean-label products that are entirely based on natural raw materials.


Carnads mission is that all food production companies will get the opportunity to apply natural Natural Taste Enhancers instead of artificial flavor enhancers. All made by 100% natural commodities. The raw material is simply consisting of bone products filled with flavour from animals and fish.

Our products replace additives such as MSG, yeast-extracts, aromas and salts with a natural, Natural Taste Enhancers – enhancing Kokumi ingredient. It provides loads of Umami taste and enhances the flavor profiles of the food. Food should consist of food – nothing else. That is the backbone of how Carnad’s Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancers were created.

Our Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancers, enhances the natural flavor profile of a dish. And since we have put a lot of effort in concentrating the raw materials into a perfect mixture, you will only need to add a small portion of our products into your food. The proteins within the meat have reduced over a long period of time at low temperatures to give you the most flavorsome product possible.

Our history

We have provided natural kokumi flavor enhancers of the highest quality possible since 2012.

See the most important moments in Carnad’s history here.


Carnad is founded by Johnny Koch and others.


The first products (also organic) are ready for sale. Hereby the company achieves its first revenue.


Carnad is recognized with the globally acknowledged FSSC 22000 certificate for the companies high standards within their food products.


The board and management greenlights future business plans and the development of state-of-the-art production facilities.


Carnads products get Halal certified.


Carnad is approved to sell their products in Australia.


Inauguration of new finished goods warehouse.


Completion and Inauguration of new spray tower.