Food safety is high

  • This year 2017 we expect to get the FSSC 22000 approval and certificate. The head audit was in the beginning of january this year.
  • Inspection by the Danish National Food Administration.
  • Inspection by official regional veterinarian officer.
  • Support from independent international control laboratories.

Raw Material Control
Modern consumers demand full traceability of their food products. Traceability provides a sense of security as the consumers are able to trace the products all the way from the farm to the table.

Carnad employs a traceability system that complies with the traceability systems used by the slaughterhouses. This makes it possible to trace the origin of each batch all the way from the farm through to when the finished product is delivered to our customer.

We only use first class raw materials approved for human consumption from EU approved Scandinavian meat and seafood processing plants. All raw materials must comply with a strict quality code approved by the Danish Food and Health Authorities before they are accepted in our production.

QC System
Carnad operates according to a rigorous HACCP system approved by EU and Danish Food and Health Authorities, and soon by the FSSC commitee too.

The Carnad production facility is regularly being inspected by Danish veterinary authorities in order to ensure that it complies with the strictest requirements for hygiene and food safety.

Finished products are continuously controlled by independent international laboratories.

Finished products from Carnad are guaranteed to comply with all international requirements for food safety of products designated for human consumption.

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