What makes our duck products special

Carnad Kokumi Duck products are made from 100% natural meaty duck bones. Duck should taste of duck. This is what we call ‘Clean Label’.

The flavor profile of the Carnad Kokumi Duck Extract/Stock/Juice and Powder makes it an efficient ingredient and Clean Label flavor enhancer in all kinds of applications. Such as pate, rillettes, sauces, confit and other tinned products.

The great Umami mouth-filling taste can be obtained by adding approximately 1% to the end product.

Carnad’s Kokumi Duck taste enhancers are also available as an organic product.

Photo of a dish containing duck, presented on a wooden tray.
An image of Carnads beef stock being poured into a small bowl.

Kokumi duck extract/stock/juice

Our Carnad Kokumi Duck Extract/Stock/Juice is made through a natural process of concentrating the quality raw products until we have a flavorsome extract. This will contain lots of protein.

It can typically be used in marinades, sauces, gravy, stew, stocks and confit. Here it will enhance the taste of different flavor profiles.

Quality duck fat

Our duck fat is 100% pure fat. Carnad Duck Fat is a perfect flavor enhancer in all kinds of food where duck is the primary flavor profile.

An image of Carnads duck fat being poured into a small bowl.
A image of Carnads powder on a small wooden spoon.

Why our products don’t work in water. A guide for evaluating Carnad products.

Remember to dose our products correctly. Only 1% of our products make up the entire difference.

Prices – Taste the quality

You only need a tiny bit of our product every time you apply it, in order to create the perfect kokumi effect. And amazing umami mouth-filling taste. In fact, you need approximately 1% of our concentrated Kokumi Extract/Stock/Juice or Powder. This makes our products profitable on a long term basis.

Here’s an example. If your final meal product, like extract/stock/juice for a duck dish weighs 100 grams you simply just need to apply 1 gram of our product to get a magnificent taste.

An image of a plate with slices of duck.

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