High food safety

High food safety

Carnad has since 2017 been certified with the highest recognised certificate within the food industry: FSSC22000. We are in close cooperation with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in order to make sure that we always comply and adhere to the current applicable standards.

Furthermore do we cooperate with independent international test kitchens, who are contributing with keeping up the highest possible quality in all our products.

A photo of Carnads huge metal chambers for creating the products.

Quality and safety all the way through our production

We only use first class raw materials approved for human consumption from local meat and seafood processing plants. These follow high standards for food processing. All raw materials must comply with a strict quality code approved by the Danish Food and Health Authorities before they are accepted for use in our production.

Carnad kokumi taste enhancers are all natural. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or raw material.

This is how we secure a high safety standard

Every food product today needs to be traceable and transparent. This is the demand of modern consumers. Traceability provides a sense of security as the consumers are able to trace the products all the way from the farm to the dinner table.

Carnad employs a traceability system that complies with the traceability systems used by our suppliers. This makes it possible to trace the origin of each batch all the way from the farm through to the delivery of our finished product.

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