What makes our Lobster products special?

Carnad Kokumi Lobster products are made from a 100% natural mixture of North Atlantic Lobster and Shore Crabs. Lobster should taste of Lobster.

Carnad is located in the Northern part of Denmark surrounded by water. We source our seafood raw materials as close to our factory location as possible.

With our Carnad Kokumi Lobster Stock/Extract and Powder you can avoid using artificial taste in food. All Carnad products are made 100% naturally. We simply process the raw lobster and crab material by breaking it down and concentrating it into a liquid substance. Without adding artificial substances. As a result, you get a Clean Label product with a clean taste.

The Carnad Kokumi Lobster Stock/Extract and powder has a high natural content of glutamic acid and glutamates that give a great Umami taste. A product in demand. Especially on the Asian market.

Lobster Bisque, Lobster Risotto or any lobster dish can be built up with a mixture of Carnad seafood products.

The delicious Umami mouth-filling Lobster and Crab taste can for all situations be obtained by adding approximately 1% to the end product.

Kokumi Lobster extract/stock/powder

The Carnad Kokumi Lobster Stock/Extract/powder contains pure meat proteins without the bitter flavor from the shells. And you can easily use the Carnad Kokumi Lobster extract/stock/powder as a main ingredient and flavor booster in the creation of new recipes.