We use state-of-the-art technology

Carnad is a company that is experiencing great growth. We have already invested in state-of-the-art production facilities. These facilities include automatic machines that highly streamlines our production and ensures the same high quality across our entire product portfolio.

We are placed in the Northern part of Denmark. In the heart of beautiful nature, fresh fish and the stunning ‘Limfjorden’. Since our products entered the market in 2012 we have been perfecting our production methods ever since. And today we are collaborating with some of Europe’s biggest companies within the food industry.

A photo of Carnads production machines.
A photo of Carnads huge metal chambers for creating the products.

100% natural process – No magic here

The products are made through a unique, natural process. We boost flavor in food like humans have done since the beginning of time. Back then you had a pot hanging over a fire for days. Cooking meaty bones. And in the end you had a delicious taste giving you soup that could be applied to future meals.

Carnad has taken this ancient method into modern food production and perfected it. The fully automatic production process is continuously monitored via an advanced SRO control system, which records all production data in order to ensure a uniform, high-quality output.

No use of artificial additives

The raw materials are handled with outmost care and only thermal and mechanical processing is used. This ensures that all natural flavors remain in the finished products. The Carnad products offer Kokumi Natural Taste Enhancers – NEVER before achieved in products of this nature.

A image of Carnads fish extract inside of a plastic bottle.

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