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Clean label – Clean taste

All Carnad products are made of 100% natural ingredients. This makes you capable
of replacing artificial taste enhancers, aromas, yeast extracts, salts etc. with a natural, pure taste.

We call this ‘clean label, clean taste’. Food should be made from food. Nothing else.

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Carnad’s state-of-the-art low temperature process generates free amino acids which give the extracts a natural, mild flavor. The same process is used at high-end restaurants, when making their own extracts/stocks/juices carefully, slowly and with love of food.

We make high-end, natural flavor enhancers out of meaty bones and seafood products.  With years of experience we have perfected this method. Carnads Kokumi products are not  manufactured by high temperatures. Therefore they are free of a metallic flavor, caused by bitter proteins from tissue and high temperature.

The manufacturing of Carnad Kokumi products begins by mixing raw material and water. Then we take it through an efficient, slow process of breaking down proteins and concentrating the substance. This is done at low temperatures. Thereby we can sustain the best possible taste. And in the end we get a concentrated soup (our Kokumi Extract/Stock/Juice), high-quality fat and a Kokumi Powder. In between these steps we have removed bones and tissues from the raw materials.

When applied, due to the high concentration of taste and protein, you only need to use approximately 1% of our extract. And you will get a remarkable result.

All extracts/stocks/juices are available with different concentrations of protein and of fat.


To obtain our Carnad Kokumi Powder we take the soup substance through the same process as above. At the end we remove the remaining water from the fluid substance by spray-drying it – a technique that is very well-known in the food industry.

Powder can be used in products like beef meat for burgers, pork meat for sausages, soups, spice mixes and a large range of other food products. The possibilities are endless! And remember, when applying Carnad’s powders you only need 0,3 – 0,5%.

All powders are available with different contents of protein and fat.


Our Carnad Fat/Oil products are made from high-quality meat and seafood products. It is obtained through an effective method of separating the fat from the liquid raw material. When we have refined the fat/oil, we tap it, and sell it as a Carnad product to add more flavor in different types of food.

How to apply Carnads kokumi taste enhancers

Our Kokumi taste enhancers are easily stored at 20 degrees Celsius

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A photo of Carnads extract in a small bowl.

This is how you test a kokumi flavor enhancer.
Our products are not like others on the market.

Carnad products will add a 100 % natural Umami taste to your food application. And they will at the same time enable you to substitute artificial flavors. MSG, yeast extract, aromas and can reduce the need for salt.

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