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Low cost
It may be challenging to obtain a high-end flavour profile for convenience products, because the profit margins for the manufacturers are tight. Carnad have succeeded in manufacturing batch beef liquids with high protein contents and no salt. These products provide the industry with the perfect ingredients to boost flavours and simplify the applications, thereby replacing expensive beef extracts with roast aromatics.

How to use Carnad Beef
For savoury applications, please remember that the Carnad Beef extract contains exclusively short chains of beef protein and therefore needs fat, vegetables, herbs and spices in order to achieve the best results. The good Umami mouth-filling taste can be obtained by adding a maximum of 2 % to the end product.

Beef fat
The harmonic taste of our beef fat is good for all kinds of pate, sausages and tinned foods.

Organic Beef
The organic beef and the conventional beef extracts have different flavour profiles. As there is no age difference between the animals before slaughter, this is mainly due to differences in forage and environment at the farms.

Our beef products can be certified for general consumer products as well as Organic and Halal labelled products.

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