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Carnad Chicken Extract / Stock
Chicken Extract / Stock
Chicken Powder
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Organic Chicken Extract / Stock
Organic Chicken Powder
Organic Chicken Fat

Chicken Extract / Stock
Carnad Chicken Extract is a fantastic building block for sauces and soups. The natural chicken flavour provides harmony, mouth-filling and Umami taste to all kinds of savoury applications without the use of synthetic ingredients.

The Carnad Chicken Extract creates a perfect balance between spices, oil and sour ingredients in marinades.

Carnad produces customized batches with specific contents of protein, fat and salt. As the amino acid profile of the product is the same as in pure meat, some of our customers have been approved by their national authorities to list the Carnad Chicken Extract as part of the meat content on their final list of ingredients.

Chicken extracts Brix 25, 30, 35
Carnad have a large increase in productions and inquiries of unsalted Brix 20 to 35 tor the Asian market.

Carnad is certified by MFR, Muslim Council of Denmark.

Chicken Fat
The special Carnad production method provides the chicken fat with a fantastic rich flavour. There are no additives, added salt or other waste products in our Chicken Fat – only pure fat.

Carnad Organic Chicken
The flavour profile of the Carnad Organic Chicken compared to the conventional extract provides a more powerful taste of chicken meat.

Added value project with Carnad Chicken powder
Add 20% brine by injection and following analyzes will prove it is still only 100% pure chicken meat. In addition to lower costs the sensory performance shows more juiceness and more natural chicken flavour. More trials planned for June and July.

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