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Carnad Crab Extract/Juice
Crab Extract/Juice
Crab Extract Powder

Carnad Crab products
Raw materials for Carnad Crab extract/juice and powder is Shore Crab (Carsinus maenas). It is a common shellfish in inner Danish Waters. Carnad is located only few 100 meters from "the Limfjorden" in the Northern part of Denmark. In these waters are large quantities of crabs caught by local fishing vessels. The fishing grounds are approved annually by Danish food authorities, - and there is very strict control of reported catches during the season from May to October

Carnad Crab Juice
The Carnad Crab juice contains only pure meat proteins without the bitter flavours from the shells. Therefore,you will find it very easy to use the Carnad Crab Juice as a main ingredient and flavour booster in the creation of new recipes.

How to use Carnad Crab Extract/Juice
The Carnad Crab Extract/Juice have a high natural content of glutamic acid and glutamates, which give a great Umami taste and are in demand especially on the Asian market.

In Crab cakes with Thai herbs, the Carnad Crab Extract/Juice will contribute with great mouth-filling taste.

Bouillabaisse or shellfish gravy can be built up with a mixture of the following three Carnad products: White Fish Juice, Mussel Juice and Crab Juice.

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