Carnad White Fish Extract
White Fish Juice / Extract
White Fish Powder

Carnad White Fish Juice
The Carnad White Fish Juice / Extract contains only pure fish meat proteins with no bitter protein flavours from the fishbones.

How to use Carnad Fish Juice and Powder
For value-added products such as fish loins, pate, mousse or similar products the pure fish flavour will be efficient retained.

In creamy applications (with cream, milk, butter), the Carnad Fish extracts will give a great mouth-filling taste and an aftertaste of pure fish flavour. The Umami effect from the Carnad White fish extract and Salmon juice will add balance and harmony to products containing wine, vinegar and butter.

The feedback from customers adding 20 % Carnad extract to the brine when injecting fish loins shows that Carnad fish extracts makes it possible to retain the flavour and at the same time make the fish meat firmer.

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