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Produkttopbillede Grisekoed

What makes our pork
products special

Carnad Kokumi Pork products are made from 100% meaty pork bones. Pork should taste of Pork and nothing else.

Our products add a pure pork flavor, as well as a mouth-filling Umami taste by tumbling, mixing or injection. The high-quality Kokumi products from Carnad do not contain bitter protein.

The pure meat flavor brings mouth-filling taste and balance to all kinds of sauces, sausages, meatballs, patés, cooked ham and soups. The Carnad Pork products add flavor to sausages and can replace more expensive flavor enhancers such as MSG, HVP, aromas and yeast extracts. Also it will boost the flavor in all applications with pate, minced meat and tinned products of pork. The Carnad Kokumi Pork products also works in fat reduced products.

The great Umami mouth-filling taste can be obtained by adding approximately 1 % to the end product.

Produkt Grisekoed V2

Why our products don’t work in water. A guide for evaluating Carnad products.

Remember to dose our products correctly. Only 1% of our products make up the entire difference.

See test results Dosing guide
Test results / Dosing guide

Prices – Taste the quality

You only need a tiny bit of our product every time you apply it, in order to create the perfect kokumi effect. And amazing umami mouth-filling taste. In fact, you just need approximately  1% of our concentrated Kokumi Extract/Stock/Juice or Powder. This makes our products profitable on a long term basis.

Here’s an example. If your final meal product, like pork meat for sausages, weighs 50 grams you simply just need to apply 0,5 gram of our product to get a magnificent taste.