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Carnad Pork Powder and Fat
The Carnad Pork products add a pure pork flavour, as well as a more mouth-filling taste and Umami taste by tumbling or injection. Unlike other products, the products from Carnad do not contain bitter protein flavours from tissue and bones.

How to use Carnad Pork products
In value-added products you can replace meat with the Carnad Pork extract and still obtain the same sensory properties and shelf life.

The pure meat flavour brings mouth-filling taste and balance to all kinds of sauces and soups. The Carnad Pork products add flavour to sausages and can replace more expensive flavour enhancers such as MSG and yeast extracts.

Carnad Pork Fat
The Carnad Pork Fat has a mild and pure flavour, which is a good flavour booster for high-end pork products such as pate, sausages and tinned products of pork meat.

The price is competitive compared to standard products, which may contain additives, water, salt and waste products.

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