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Salmon Extract / Stock
Salmon Extract Powder
Salmon Oil/Fat

Salmon Extract / Stock
Carnad Salmon Extract is a fantastic building block for fishsauces and soups. The natural salmon flavour provides harmony, mouth-filling and Umami taste to all kinds of savoury applications without the use of synthetic ingredients.

The Carnad Salmon Extract creates a perfect balance between spices, oil and sour ingredients in marinades.

Salmon extracts Brix 25, 30, 35
Carnad have a large increase in productions and inquiries of unsalted Brix 20 to 35 for the Asian market.

Salmon Oil/Fat
The special Carnad production method provides the salmon oil/fat with a fantastic rich flavour. There are no additives, added salt or other waste products in our Salmon oil – only pure fat.

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