What makes our Shrimp product special?

Carnad Kokumi Shrimp product is made 100% natural from the North Atlantic Coldwater shrimp (Pandalus borealis), which is known worldwide for its delicate sweet taste. Cold water Shrimps are a good source of protein and have a low-fat content, making them a healthy and nutritious delicacy. Shrimp must taste of Shrimp.

The cold-water shrimp is found in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, from Canada to Sweden. The cold environment causes the shrimp to grow slowly, which is the ideal conditions to develop its complex flavor and texture.

The shrimp has an almost transparent red shell with long, red antennae at the top of its head. The round, black eyes are accompanied by two small, jagged antennas at the top of the head. Sometimes the head of the shrimp may appear a little bit darker. The color may be influenced by the shrimp’s food, or it may be developing eggs for spawning. The slightly darker color of the head affects neither the taste nor the quality. The shrimp lives near the seabed in soft and muddy bottom environments at depths between 20 and 1,400 meters.

With our Carnad Kokumi Shrimp Powder you can avoid using artificial flavors in your food. All Carnad products are made 100% naturally. We simply treat firewood by breaking it down and concentrating it into a liquid substance that is subsequently dried into a powder. Without the addition of artificial substances. As a result, you get a Clean Label product with a clean taste.

Carnad Kokumi Shrimp Powder has a high natural content of omega 3, B12 vitamins, D vitamins, iodine and selenium. A product in demand. Especially in the Asian market.

What makes our Shrimp product special?

The Carnad Kokumi Shrimp Powder contains pure meat proteins without the bitter flavor from the shells. And you can easily use the Carnad Kokumi Shrimp Powder as a main ingredient and flavor booster in the creation of new recipes.