What makes our mussel products special

Carnad Kokumi Mussel products are made from 100% fresh mussels from local Danish waters. Mussel should taste of mussel.

The Carnad Kokumi Mussel Juice/Stock/Extract and Mussel Powder contain proteins which only consist of pure mussel meat. Our products have no bitter proteins due to low processing temperatures. This results in a highly concentrated product with an efficient flavor booster for all kinds of food products.

In creamy convenience applications such as mussel soup and gravy you will obtain a great mouth-filling seafood taste and a long aftertaste. In a mussel beurre blanc the Umami taste will create a perfect balance between wine, vinegar and butter.

The amazing Umami mouth-filling seafood taste can be obtained by adding approximately 1% to the end product.

A image of fresh mussels.
A image of Carnads powder on a small wooden spoon.

Why our products don’t work in water. A guide for evaluating Carnad products.

Remember to dose our products correctly. Only 1% of our products make up the entire difference.

Prices – Taste the quality

You only need a tiny bit of our product every time you apply it, in order to create the perfect kokumi effect. And amazing umami mouth-filling taste. In fact, you need approximately 1% of our concentrated Kokumi Extract/Stock/Juice or Powder. This makes our products profitable on a long term basis.

Here’s an example. If your final meal product, like a seafood soup, weighs 100 grams you simply just need to apply 1 gram of our product to get a magnificent taste.

Photo of mussels that have been prepared in a dish.

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