Food should be made from food. Nothing else.

Carnad products

Our products are produced from humanely suitable residual products from slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants.

Carnad’s process ensures the most optimal utilization of this already existing human resources.

Carnad a fossil-free Company


Only use electricity produced from wind turbines


Convert production equipment in the company to run on sustainable energy


100% Sustainable energy used in production

Circular economy and Carnad

Carnad is created based on circular thinking. Based on the desire that the raw materials we produce for human nutrition should be maintained in the human segment instead of food being downgraded to animal feed or energy products.

With the current “take, make, dispose” economic model, there are too many resources that are not utilized optimally.

Our products ensure the best utilization of residual products that would otherwise have been used for pet food or the production of meat and bone meal.

Carnad’s process divides the raw material into 4 pure fractions; Proteins, Fat, Connective tissue and Bones.

This ensures an optimal division of the raw material, so that the protein and fat part is used in human nutrition. After which the remaining parts can be used for pet food, biogas production and fertilizer.

What have we implemented

Carnad has already implemented initiatives for energy efficiency in the company as a step on the way towards the green transition.

The surplus heat from the compressed air compressor is reused for the production of hot water

Evaporator is a so-called MVR type that uses electricity.

Spray dryer is 100% electrically heated

Compressed air driven pumps are continuously replaced by electric driven pumps.

Canard's work with the UN's global goals

Carnad helps to contribute to achieving the UN’s Global Goals.

Specifically, we help contribute to global goals 7 and 12.

Carnad's contribution to the UN's global goal 7

Carnad contributes to achieving the UN’s global goal 7 through sub-goals 7.2 and 7.3.

A contribution is made to sub-goal 7.2, by phasing out fossil fuels from the company.

Contributions are made to sub-goal 7.3, i.a. through the energy optimization measures that have been implemented from Carnad’s side and which will be implemented in connection with the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Carnad's contribution to the UN's global goal 12

Carnad contributes to achieving the UN’s global goal 12 through sub-goals 12.2 and 12.3.

The positive impact on sub-goal 12.2 occurs through Carnad retaining raw materials in the human segment for as long as possible. Through this, the utilization of an already existing natural resource is made more efficient.

The positive impact on sub-goal 12.3 occurs through Carnad utilizing residual products from the production chain from slaughterhouses.